Jazz’inn 2021: The Butterfly Effect!


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Could the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?
Ampioraggio Foundation, the national innovation ecosystem born in 2016 in Salerno, is revisited in these words. But why talk about the butterfly effect? Because the actions of the Foundation have shown that they can materialize in a driving force for change. Jazz'Inn, the Ampioraggio event since 2017, has the merit of making the Campania village of Pietrelcina a laboratory of sustainable development for inland areas. Jazz'Inn combines the matching between companies , public administrations and innovators with evenings ofjazz music and discovery of the territory . From this year Jazz'Out integrates the offer of Jazz'Inn: an online and face-to-face event, full of events, dedicated to lovers of storytelling, music and technological innovation.
From 26 to 31 July , there will be the fifth edition of the Ampioraggio Foundation format which has transformed Jazz under the stars pietrelcina festival into a powerful attraction of visionaries and innovators. Furthermore, the final days of the online contest of the Next Generation Village will be held from 28 to 30 July , as part of Jazz'Out, the spinoff of Jazz'Inn .In Campodipietra (CB) and Troia (FG) girls and boys aged 18 to 29 will meet to represent their imagination and tell through words, images or sounds the story that will bethat of the villages of tomorrow .


Jazz'Inn is an event that brings together innovators, companies, investors and institutions, between work tables, convivial meetings and jazz evenings, all in the wonderful setting of a southern village. Jazz'Inn is a creative , intellectual and unique innovation , which in 4 years has unexpectedly generated investments, synergies and collaborations between innovation supply and demand, uniting Italy that innovates and offering entrepreneurs and public administrators the time and space to share and understand the new ideas with startuppers, researchers and visionaries.


Jazz'Out is an online and face-to-face event dedicated to young lovers of music, villages and technological innovation. It is structured in two moments:

  1. 1) the first in the Next Generation Village digital contest , consisting of 3 narrative sections: Video, Music, Literature.
  2. 2) the second in presence, in two villages in Southern Italy, to allow an intergenerational comparison in order to stimulate responses for an alternative and innovative vision of the villages.

Jazz'Inn and Jazz'Out: points that meet to create new visions.



The goal of this 5th edition is to transform the experiment launched "by chance" in 2017 into a true laboratory of sustainable development, the one that has already demonstrated its effectiveness in these 4 years.
The villages of Molise and Puglia will give shape and strength to the Smart & Slow Italy project which sees Pietrelcina as one of the 12 villages of the future. For this reason Jazz'inn and Jazz'Out want to enhance this area even more:

  1. 1) Doubling of appointments: from 3 to 6 days
  2. 2) 3 events in 1 Jazz'Inn, Pietrelcina Jazz Sotto le Stelle Festival and Jazz'Out
  3. 3) From 1 to 3 locations (Pietrelcina, Campodipietra and Troia) in 3 neighboring areas (Campania, Molise and Puglia)
  4. 4) 60 case givers expected at world cafes to provide innovative collaborative solutions to companies and organizations
  5. 5) At least 30 projects expected within the Next Generation Village contest
  6. 6) 800 presences expected, including investors, startups, companies, research centers, public administrations, institutions, professionals and visionary innovators
  7. 7) 200 1to1 meetings with national and international investors and development agencies
  8. 8) 10 round tables on innovation issues
  9. 9) 4 thematic days : connecting inland areas, villages and cities of the future, women and innovation, networking to create business
  10. 10) 12 projects to be shared born from the eco-systemic action of Ampioraggio
  11. 11) 1 international acceleration project for startups and innovative SMEs
  12. 12) 5 evenings of great jazz under the stars between Campania and Molise
  13. 13) Dozens of side events : wine tastings, aperitifs, readings, local cooking courses, guided tours to discover the area, lego serious play, immersive experiences.

Why support Jazz'Inn and Jazz'Out?

Jazz'Inn and Jazz'Out are the demonstration that where innovation is made there are no suburbs and that it is possible to de-localize globalization.

We invite you to support this contamination between innovation, interior areas and jazz, and its slow networking, because:

  • - You will provide new ideas to companies and organizations that want to innovate.
  • - You will give the energies of the Italian innovators a chance to become real projects .
  • - You will be an active part of a change that comes from below .
  • - You will unite North and South in the logic of doing .
  • - You will support a new idea on the role of villages in our country.
  • - You will encourage the country to invest in an innovative way in its future , especially that of the next generations.
  • - You will invest in skills , in merit .
  • - You will trust young people by supporting the creation of the first Jazz'Inn spin off.
  • - You will cheer for a piece of country that is a team , joining each of us.

Jazz'Inn and Jazz'Out represent the rejection of the word IMPOSSIBLE and transform the words RESILIENCE and SUSTAINABILITY into INVESTMENTS and VALUE CREATION , joining forces far from clichés (on innovation, digital and technology) and close to those who want to achieve things , not just talk about it.

If innovating is the only way to restore value to Italy and Made in Italy, in a world that is racing towards the future, supporting Jazz'Inn and Jazz'Out is a way to share this challenge.

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    Yes, you can donate several times
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    Rewards can be collected on site or, if applicable, will be sent to the address indicated
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    You can participate in one of the evenings of the Jazz under the stars pietrelcina festival to be held on 26, 27 and 29 July and on 3 August or as an alternative to one of the evenings of the Jazz in Campo / Jazz in Galdo festival to be held on 28 and 29 July
  6. 6) What are the types of wine?
    We offer a selection of wines from the best wineries of the Sannio between white and red